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David |
Coco Dive Center gave me a great experience. The best things during my holliday in Vietnam was diving with Coco Dive Center and meeting Sť. I hope to see you all soon.
22 April 2007 - Sweden

Marielle |
Hello Jean Pierre and Ludo,
I just wanted to thank you for a great experience in Nha Trang!!! You were great! I went diving in Malaysia in Tioman and I saw some small sharks and some turtles. diving is awsome!!! Take care!!!! /The Swede
9 April 2007 - Sweden

Britt |
I had the pleasure of learning to dive with CoCo last November 2004 (see my earlier guestbook entry) with divemasters Frank (a German guy) and Xuan. It sounds like they have a new French divemaster now and while I cannot vouch for his safety procedures, I can say Frank and Xuan were meticulous. I was very nervous about learning to dive - I've been afraid of the ocean since childhood ('think I saw 'Jaws' once too often!!). The training they gave me was very thorough both in and out of the water.
Their staff seemed very happy - over the 4/5 days I spent coming and going from the centre and on the boat I certainly did not see any rudeness or mistreatment of the staff - quite the opposite.
And the dogs - yes they're big - but vicious ??? Once again I cannot validate the criticism I am reading on these pages. The dogs were around lots of different people all day every day and were gentle and friendly. They were clean and very well cared for, and I certainly don't recall seeing any doggie crap around the centre.
My travel companions who also learned to dive were also very happy with their experience. All the critical remarks submitted by others into this guestbook have been from French people. Why is this? It seems to be some kind of vendetta. I am wondering if there is more going on here than meets the eye? :thumbup:
6 November 2005 - Sydney, Australia

Xuan and Jean Pierre are very kind people their 2 dogs are their children and they are very good to their staff, every afternoon me and all the staff and the other divers got a great lunch after diving, the food is very good! And 1 evening we''ve got a great diner with drinks and good laughter! The staff is treated right.

I id not dive, I just snorkeled with a suit, they are the only ones who said please where a suit it keeps you from burning! Thank you guys! It was a great experience!!

And, Xuan I hope you still like the wooden shoes I gave you!!

Love Marian from Holland
4 November 2005 - Holland

Britt Arnaud |
Hello Xuan & Coco team!
I had the pleasure of taking my open water diving certificate with Coco last November ('04). I have never contacted you to thank you for a wonderful experience. It's nearly a year on and I feel like I was there yesterday. Xuan literally held my hand and took me from being scared sh.... to absolutely LOVING diving. I can't wait to get back in again, but this last year I've been a bit preoccupied. This message is also to inform you of (probably) a Coco 'first'. When you were teaching me to dive I didn't know it yet, but I was 3 weeks pregnant (no, it wasn't dodgy seafood making me feel ill!). And you'll be pleased to know the diving had no ill-effects on my pregnancy. I hope I can get back someday and show my daughter where she first went diving - I hope it's still as awesome. x
28 September 2005 - Sydney, Australia

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